Ep#1 An Intro the Practice of Being Seen with Robert Cox

Show notes:

Sometimes, the best way to see yourself is to see yourself reflected in someone else’s eyes. When you launch a new podcast, sometimes the best way to explain your vision is to have a friend come on air to ask you about it.  

We invited our friend and colleague Robert Cox to interview us about our mission and our vision for the Practice of Being Seen. Robert is a therapist in the Kansas City area specializing in trauma, addictions and autism.  Having been through his own trauma work and addictions, he has spent the past several decades learning to live in the messy and be seen himself while trying to help others do the same. You can hear him on his two podcasts, Mindful Recovery and Listening to Autism. Learn more about Robert’s work: www.liferecoveryconsulting.org

To read Robert's post, please visit: https://connectfulness.com/broken-spaces-lessons-healing-relationship/

To learn more about our community for therapists, please visit: www.practiceofbeingseen.com/community-for-therapists