Episode 13: The Shadow & Light of Mercury Retrograde: A Conversation with Keri Nola


Keri Nola joins us to shed some light on what it means to love the shadow and helps us dive deep into the energies of Mercury Retrograde.

Even if you’re not a student of astrology, you probably know that people groan when they hear Mercury is going retrograde. This conversation helps you understand the power and potential of what is a nurturing, quiet time.

This is time when miscommunication is more likely, when technology is prone to glitches, and travel is more difficult. but it is also a time when we’re invited to slow down and look within. Often, we’re afraid what we might find in those quiet, slow spaces but you’re invited to see these periods as a chance to see what parts of body, mind, and spirit most need our attention.

Keri leads us on an exploration of her “favorite shadows.” As an Intuitive Psychotherapist, Energetic Visionary, and the Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs, Keri is on a mission to help us to remember how to shine a light on the shadows ready for healing within.

We talk about the pursuit of perfection and the nature of power. It’s particularly important to dive into how healers tend to minimize their own power and silence themselves. Weaving through this episode is the theme of permission. We have permission to ebb and flow, to be imperfect, to dance in the light and the shadow.

We wrap up the episode with a special Messages from Shadow reading specifically for this Mercury Retrograde period. For more about Keri’s oracle deck, the new app, her programs and retreats for Light Workers, visit www.kerinola.com.


Mercury Retrograde is a time of “re”…Words like return, revisit, remember, re-energize are key during this period. This energy guides the Practice of Being Seen Retreat for Therapist-Healers that is coming up during the next Mercury Retrograde period, August 13 - 16, 2017.

(Re)Vision: Explore Your Stories, Shape Your Future has been designed to hold you through this period of reflection and preparation for the next phase of growth. Learn more and plan to join us in New York’s gorgeous Catskill Mountains: https://www.practiceofbeingseen.com/revision-2017-retreat