Episode 14: Less Control, More Fun: A Conversation about Entrepreneurship with Allison Puryear

Show Notes:

Allison Puryear is an “LCSW with a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development.”

We discuss the origin story of Alison’s company, Abundance Practice Building, and what it’s like to create a business that’s one of the loves of your life. Ultimately, it’s about building a business that is structured around the way you want to live.

Have you heard of the “spider web effect”? Allison describes how it plays out for her: she helps someone start or build a practice they love and that gives them the time, energy, and finances to take better care of themselves. In turn, they can do their best clinical work which helps clients and then ripples to all the people in their clients’ lives.

This conversation is about dualities and balance and permission to explore and live out many aspects of your identity. Transformation relies on riding the flow between two poles and allowing yourself to be both when it’s appropriate.

We talk growth edges and the moments when you panic because you’re not growing. Allison hosts a popular Facebook community for therapists and we discuss what it means to hold space for a diverse community when you have people at different stages of entrepreneurial evolution. Comparison and the desire to follow others’ exact path to growth are always a challenge. We also get into Allison’s experience when a troll who infiltrated her community and how it was ultimately an opportunity to build trust and experience growth.

Allison takes us to her current growth edge: allowing more fun. What might happen if you actually gave yourself permission to ask yourself what’s fun based on who you are now and what you need now? Allison describes how she made list of everything she ever found fun in her adult life and another list of what she has found restorative. She also talks about Brene Brown’s “easy buttons” - like having a beer at the end of the day in order to release tension. What’s the difference between fun and restorative and just “easy”?

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