Episode 25: Discover Your Therapist-Entrepreneur Superpowers: A Conversation with Annie Schuessler

We all love a good superhero movie. It’s hard not to leave the theater feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to change the world. Therapists are already changing the world, but for many trying to grow a private practice, it can seem difficult to push through the hard parts of growth. It’s easy to lose yourself in your practice, and you might start to feel the kryptonite of discouragement before long.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Dr. Annie Schuessler is here to show you just where your inner power lies. She realized that Therapists really are just like superheroes, complete with their own superpowers! Through coaching, writing, and her podcast, Annie is on a mission to change the way you think about yourself. So what are these superpowers, and how can they help you grow your practice? How can understanding your true power really impact your practice? Check out the whole conversation, to find out how!

Episode Highlights: 

    •    Where did the Therapist Superpowers come from? 

    •    Ways to help you access your superpowers. 

    •    Embrace and learn to use your superpower. 

    •    Annie shares her own inner power, and how she started coaching. 

    •    Superpowers within your identity. How struggles produce strength.

    •    Annie embraces her “label” as a queer woman and shows us how labels can help us craft our identity. 

    •    It’s hard to grow, but it is also beautiful! 

    •    Tips and tricks towards building confidence with the work you are doing. 

    •    Using a journal to track your growth and string together some threads. 

    •    Understanding how an entrepreneurial spirit can influence your practice. 



Annie’s Website

Listen to Annie’s Podcast: Therapist Clubhouse


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