Episode 26: The Emotional Ecosystem of Work-Life Balance: A Conversation with Mineela Chand

Are you one of so many people struggling toward work-life balance? How do you walk into your work environment? Does it serve you in more than finances? We spend 40 hours a week at work. The places we work and the people we work with have a tremendous impact on our lives. The old school way of thinking says that we need to check our emotions and other “soft stuff” at the door when we come to work, but studies are showing that does not have to be true. 

    Mineela Chand is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who seeks to spread an emotional awareness in all aspects of our lives. Recently, she gave a Ted Talk showing how we can depend on qualitative data as well as quantitative data to shape the way our businesses function. The emotional environment within a team or industry can truly shape the lives of the people who work there. When we bring an awareness to our “emotional ecosystem” we can begin to create a positive impact in not just our own lives, but the lives of those we work and live with. Take a moment to let your emotions be your guide, and learn from Mineela’s wisdom to take brave steps towards new ground. 

Show Highlights:

  • Working with Johnson and Johnson to reconcile the quantitative with the qualitative.

  • The Diary Study—how negative interactions with work colleagues creates a negative work environment.

  • The “soft stuff” of life that matters to us.

  • Preparing for a Ted Talk

  • What exactly is an emotional ecosystem? How can teams and organizations build a healthy ecosystem?

  • Balance and the value of using emotions without letting them overwhelm us.

  • Mineela’s eye-opening journey towards therapy.

  • De-cluttering and re-balancing life towards things that nourish you.

  • Learning from seasons of change and discomfort.

  • Moments of vulnerability as moments of power.


Mineela is always open for questions! Contact her at her website. 


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