Episode 27: A Container of Hope. A Feeling of Home. A Conversation with Margaret Thompson

Are you willing to do hard work? This is the question that therapy clients are ask in one way or another, whether or not they say it in so many words. Compassionate therapists are so ready to answer “Yes!” Even with that willingness to do the hard work of navigating relationships, trauma, attachments, etc. it can take a toll on your confidence. We need to put into practice the skills we learned to help our clients to reflect on our own lives. We need confidence, self-assurance, and hope. 

This week, Margaret Thompson, LCSW journeys with us into the art of being and becoming a couples therapist and traveling through all the feelings of imposter syndrome and doubt. We'll dive deep with us into the skills we all need to navigate trauma and attachment. And then zoom out to see how those skills can change your life.

Margaret wants to give you energy and confidence to put your “Yes” on the table for your client, to walk into the room completely at ease with yourself. We discuss how therapists can be a “container for hope” for their clients. And yet, therapists often go through seasons where they feel depleted. In her wisdom and confidence, Margaret sheds light on the way back to feelings of hope and of home!

Show Highlights: 

  • Using Neuroscience and Attachment Science within couples therapy

  • The impact of early childhood trauma in forming attachments and relationships.

  • Unconscious patterns within our relationships.

  • Skills that therapists can use within their practice to apply Attachment.

  • The work we do with the clients can reflect back on our own relationships.

  • Working with couples where one or both partners are in individual therapy.

  • Consultation groups can help therapists gain confidence through client drop out.

  • How therapists navigate the feelings of imposter syndrome.

  • Mentorship and the creation of self-knowledge


Connect with Margaret

Margaret also Recommends 

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others by Kristi Hedges


The thing about retreats..... They are containers. Time to get things done in a space that holds us to our purpose. 

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We'll help you manifest your vision. Help you sow the seeds to bring her to life.  It's going to be a deep gentle dive and soulful rejuvenation that helps integrate your passions and visions with the practical doing and radical self-care. 

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