Episode 28: The Art of Un-Blending and the Power of the Pivot

This week, we want to give a warm welcome to you, the listeners of the Practice of Being Seen Podcast, and the therapists who have journeyed alongside us in our POBS community. It is a gift to be able to hold this space so dearly as a place to grow and discover truth with all of you. Just as the POBS community has grown, Rebecca and Marisa have also been able to uncover hidden talents and dreams that need their own space to grow. With that realization came the knowledge that this POBS podcast and community will need to pivot.

Over the next month, Marisa will be leaving the podcast to dig deep into her passion as a writer. Her vision is to grow not only in her own writing but to develop your writing as well. 

Rebecca will stay on with the Practice of Being Seen, she’ll continue to produce the podcast, and share her passion for serving other therapists through individual consulting and in a new membership community (sign up here to learn more).

Both Rebecca and Marisa acknowledge that growth is difficult, change can be uncomfortable, and new directions seem uncertain. However, both of your hosts wanted to create space to hold those feelings and explore the healthy and powerful ways that new communities will be born from the amazing group of people already joined together around the POBScast. 

In this week’s episode, friend and colleague Patricia Young turns the tables to interview Rebecca and Marisa about the decision to part ways, as well as explore the new projects and dreams taking root. This is a space for transformation, so we invite you in to begin a change today! 

Show Highlights:

  • Re-visiting the vision for the Podcast and setting a vision for the future.

  • Addressing unspoken expectations.

  • Discussing the joys and the challenges of partnership.

  • Where both Rebecca and Marisa want to go is different.

  • The role of emotions in decision-making processes.

  • Projects are growing!

  • Hoping to see this as a model for others in the middle of a collaboration challenge.

  • Marisa launching the Sovereign Writers Community.

  • Stay tuned for the new Practice of Being Seen Community.

  • The Revision Retreat will remain a joint venture!


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