Episode 29: Seeing Yourself Through Photography: A Conversation with Janice Levy

Everybody has a lens from which they view the world; Janice Levy’s just happens to be a literal lens. Janice is a photographer, art scholar, and world traveler. Her work has won countless awards, and her work as a teacher in the US and across the globe has had a deeply personal impact on those lucky enough to be her students. Janice uses photography as more than a way to capture the present. Instead, she uses the memories she preserves to explore the past.

After her father died, Janice discovered a secret through his photography that changed her life forever. As his story unfolded, so did her own. Now she teaches, travels, and captures moment by moment miracles all around us. Prepare to think of your photographs in an entirely new light. The world around us is shifting, so it is time to stop and take notice.

Also in this episode:

  • Using photography to draw connections between the past and the present.

  • Janice’s fulfilling and challenging experiences in Saudi Arabia.

  • Teaching as a window to the inner fears of students and then the world at large.

  • With the invent of digital imaging, photography is changing; both more accessible and also cheapened.

  • Janice’s new perspective on her Father through his secret photographs.  

  • The image you create is based on your perspective; the business of creating illusions.

  • The story behind Janice’s award winning photo.

  • Teaching abroad as a transformative practice.

  • Stories shape us, and we shape our stories.


Janice’s website: janicelevyphotography.com

View Janice’s photography in exhibition at Milk Gallery in NYC, Aug 10th from 6-8pm.

A short documentary about Janice’s work with fifteen photography students from Princess Nora Abdulrahman University (PNU) “What I See Who I Am” https://youtu.be/C_wwM8jAqnA

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