Episode 30: Seeing Deeply: A Conversation with Robyn Ivy

So much of the work we do on the show is about embracing the hard work of transformation. One of the hardest things we do is ask you to sit in an uncomfortable place. We run and hide from discomfort, but that is the best place to be for some true self-discovery. What makes us uncomfortable faster than anything else? Getting in front of a camera. How can a photograph change your life? It might surprise you.

This week, we sat down with Robyn Ivy, Life Coach, Photographer, and Advocate. Robyn has taken her dual passions for photography and people to create an approach to self-exploration. She wants to teach us to use photography as a means of meditation and intentionality. Just like a good portrait captures the essence of who you are, the pictures you capture can also say a lot about you. Not only that, but a photo could possibly change the world. 

    Robyn is doing all that and more, and we are excited to share it with you! 

Also in this episode:  

  • Using photography as a tool to transform how we see the world.

  • The interplay between images and relationships in a changing generation.

  • Using our phones for photography in an intentional way.

  • The responsibility of being a See-er.

  • Using photography for cancer outreach with Project 3.8.

  • Robyn’s incredible story of bringing together a community through photography.

  • Personal practices can make the world a better place.

  • The power of witnessing the uncomfortable.

  • The inside scoop on designing a photography workshop.

  • Robyn’s transition into life coaching.

  • Changing the beauty narrative through really great pictures!


Instagram @Robynivy

Robyn’s Website: robynivy.com

Find all the details for Robyn’s upcoming October Retreat in Mexico here: seeherenowretreat.com

Robyn’s recent work for pediatric cancer: makingdipghistory.com