Episode 32: Bring the Magic and the Mystery: A Conversation with Eleanora Amendolara

Where does healing begin? Is it in the mind, the spirit, the body….or is it somewhere in between? This week, pause with us as we hold space for healing with Eleanora Amendolara, Marisa’s very own Spiritual Healer and Teacher. As Marisa has been experiencing the transformative power of spiritual healing, she knew she wanted to share those experiences with you as this season of the podcast ends. Eleanora’s work at the Sacred Center Mystery School in New York has had a lasting impact on so many. Now is your chance to join in and experience the mystery. 

    The best way to describe Eleanora’s healing work is “grounded woo,” a mixture of mystery and practical healing work. Informed by the tribal practices in Peru, among many other divine sources, Eleanora wants to enable you to respond to life, rather than react to it. Transform the mind buzz and enter into a realm of inner peace. You Know what you need to Know. Come and join the conversation with us!  

  • Eleanora shares her life path to spiritual healing.

  • A day in the life of Eleanora to walk through her grounded spirituality.

  • Human beings are transforming and evolving, but that is hard work.

  • Learning motherhood and interrelationships from tribal communities.

  • Allowing life to go by, living presently, and breaking free from routine.

  • Using Chumpi stones to connect you to Peru.

  • Diving deeper into the shapes of healing.

  • Healing practices informed by the earth and by the spirit.

  • Relationships can transform over time.

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