Episode 33: Finding Your Voice: A Conversation with Elsie Escobar

As we close out the 1st season of the #POBScast we're reflecting on this journey of being seen. It's a journey full of obstacles and pivots and revisions. And along the way, finding your voice and communicating your vision. And one of the most beautiful aspects of this podcast journey is being able to uncover new ways to communicate with and understand one another.

No one knows the power of this beautiful podcast phenomenon better than Elsie Escobar. Elsie is one of the early pioneers of podcasting. In fact, she is about to be inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame—so cool! Besides hosting two podcasts of her own, Elsie works hard to ensure fellow podcasts are heard on their road to self-discovery. Elsie’s own path is remarkable; you are going to be so inspired after hearing it! Pause for a moment, lean into the silence, and be inspired.  

(And we sort of can't help but love that on this first episode of Rebecca’s solo POBScast hosting journey, in conversation with Elsie, it's Rebecca who's audio is crackly, as if to help articulate her mission of finding her voice…)

Also in this episode:

  • People are starting to see the hidden powers of podcasting.

  • How Elsie got into podcasting, instead of acting!

  • Yoga as a release from the negative influences of the acting industry.

  • Podcasting is a means of self-discovery and self-development.

  • Embracing silence and embracing presence while growing as a teacher or leader.

  • Our communication powers can extend from teaching into parenthood and other facets of life.

  • Continuing to have a grounded and impactful conversation with someone.

  • Giving a voice to Women of Color.

  • Transitions can be stressful, make room for rest.

  • Partnerships in dialogue can bring a new power to a podcast.

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This episode marks the end of season 1, Rebecca will be back with season 2 beginning September 20, 2017.