Episode 34: The Next Brave Step: Daring to See Yourself


This episode is equal parts stream-of-consciousness musing and a call-to-action.  Throughout, I am redefining the meaning and intention of the Practice of Being Seen in both micro and macro levels: as a podcast, in branding, as a way of knowing ourselves, as a means of serving others.  I want to know what you want from the #POBScast as well.


I believe that everything stems from how we see ourselves.  In daring to look at my own shadows, I invite you to do the same.  As we do this hard work together, we shine a light on who we really are and uncover new depths within us to be the change we wish to see in the world--the change that our clients seek in their work with us.

Join me on “The Becca Train” as I discuss:

  • What social work revealed to me that my photographic work couldn’t.

  • What I’ve learned therapists really need in order to explore their own depths and shadows and why exploring our own depths and shadows is exactly what our clients (and the world) need us to do.

  • The concept of the  “Practice of Being Seen” as both the art of formulating a brand and the means by which we create safe relationships--both of which invite a deeper exploration of our needs and truths and our understanding of each other.

  • How my grandmother taught me what safety really means and how to bravely move forward when we get stuck, while also highlighting the magic in how safety is created.  

  • How the things we feel “othered by” disrupt our understanding of each other and the questions to ask to begin to make more conscious connections.


And, dear listener, it is your turn to co-conspire with me.  How will you contribute to our ongoing conversation this year?  Who would you like me to converse with on the show?  What do you want more of?

Throughout the season, I’ll share my messy process with you and allow your stories and contributions to shape how I see the world too.  Welcome to Season 2 of the Practice of Being Seen Podcast.  Let’s dive in.

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