Episode 35: Vision Tracking for Business Artists: A conversation with Jeffrey Davis

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This week on the #POBScast, Rebecca speaks with Jeffrey Davis, a writer, speaker, consultant and founder of Tracking Wonder, a consultancy, and community that helps creative innovators, entrepreneurs, and social psychologists flourish through challenge and change.


Jeffrey says that we often defer our sense of wonder to our children and give ourselves other tasks.  But, what if wonder is grown-up work?  Jeffrey and I both share a common interest in the integration of our creativity, our money-making endeavors, our sensory experiences, and our relationships into one life that is full of meaning.  And actually, who we were as children can tell us a lot about how we naturally do things and how to move forward to create our most important, most integrated work.  This is where we can begin to crack ourselves open and dare to forge ahead to the unvisited shores that beckon us.

In this episode, Rebecca and Jeffrey discuss:

  • Exactly what grown-up wonder is and why we need to track it.

  • Ideas on the “fear of the jeer” and the ethical dilemma of doing what is right versus doing what we feel like doing in our work.

  • The importance of “vision tracking”, wide-eyed naivete and fertile confusion and why we need a series of models, processes, and support during our experimentation.

  • What a “Business Artist” is and how they navigate fertile confusion differently.

  • Jeffrey explains the power in keeping a daybook and how it builds and tracks the meaning in our days.

  • The power in the sensory in impacting our intention and attention, and how it ignites creativity.

  • Why reflection is possibly more important than simply being present in the moment.

  • Three different “Wonder Interventions” that you can start applying to your life right now.

  • What it means to “listen with our feet” and why we should all do it.



Find Jeffrey Davis online at TrackingWonder.com.  You can also connect with him on Facebook and join his Facebook Group Tracking Wonder Quest.


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