Episode 38: Reframing Imposter Syndrome: A Conversation with Melody Wilding


Fraud feelings and overwhelm. Squelched desires and jealousy.  How do you differentiate between fears designed to keep you safe and fears beckoning you to toward your potential?  

The friction of change during growth periods in our lives is never very comfortable, but for all our fears, we rarely meet our utter demise on the other side.  So, why is it so hard to break through it?  And what can we learn about ourselves from it?

Episode 38 of the #POBScast puts Imposter Syndrome under the lens.  I’m chatting with Melody Wilding, an entrepreneur, coach, writer, and licensed social worker who helps high achieving individuals navigate the emotional facets that come along with successful careers.  

In this episode, Melody and I discuss:

  • The conundrum that imposter syndrome presents and navigating the feelings that imposter syndrome stirs up in us

  • The paradox of the therapist’s “blank slate”

  • Why therapists are well poised for entrepreneurship and what is standing in the way

  • The archetype of the wounded healer and the profundity of “me too” validation

  • The power of storytelling in writing and speaking that don’t always require self-disclosure

  • Finding our growth edge and how our imposter syndrome presents us with a necessary choice

  • Resculpting ourselves through accomplishment and reflection

  • The need to make space for practice and why our natural strengths only take us so far

  • How to move through the stuff that creates the fear and why you need a “shitty first draft”

  • Why every step forward always comes back to self-awareness and the messy, murky feelings that show us where to go if we’ll only sit with them

  • How Gottman’s concept of relationship bids can translate as a metaphor for moving forward in our careers.

Referenced in the Episode:

Melody’s TEDx Talk, “Trying to Change?  How Self-Doubt Can Actually Help”

You can find Melody Wilding online at MelodyWilding.com, where you can learn more about confidence, overwhelm and more.  Be sure to check out her upcoming HARO program relaunch as well. Follow her on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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