Episode 41: Releasing Your Inner Badass: A Conversation with Laura Long

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When we first start out in private practice, when we launch that new offering--anytime we do something new--uncertainty always plays a role.  We prepare and plan as much as we can, of course, but the real clarity comes from doing.  Still, that doesn’t stop the fears, the risk of failure, the shame feelings from presenting themselves, does it?  


Laura Long, LMFT wants us all to undo all of those fears by unleashing our inner badass.  Today she chats with me about how her coaching business, Your Badass Therapy Practice, came to be.  She talks about the power in making your own rules, how she strikes a balance with her home and work life, and the unanticipated gifts she’s found in doing brave things.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Fraud feelings, grandiosity, and the one thing that neutralizes them both.

  • How Laura’s inner “Bitchy Brenda” protects and inhibits her, and how she puts her in her place when it’s time to move forward.

  • Using evidence and logic to undo fear and reframe failure.

  • Why therapists are drawn to other therapists in friendships and community.

  • Failure and balance in motherhood.

  • Compartmentalizing time and attention as working mothers and the idea of “wearing many hats” as moms.

  • Why therapist moms might have it the roughest when it comes to attention and self shaming.

  • What happened when Laura’s blog post about about therapist moms went viral and why she felt compelled to write the piece in the first place.

  • The unexpected relational magic that comes from doing, from planning and creating your next offering and putting it out into the world.



Referenced in this Episode:

Laura’s viral blog post about therapists and motherhood.


You can learn more about Laura Long and the work she does at YourBadassTherapyPractice.com, where you can sign up for her free 5-day Psychology Today profile course, get on the waitlist for her 60 Days to Your Badass Therapy Practice course, and catch up on all her blogs.  Connect with Laura on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yourbadasstherapypractice.



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