Episode 49: Intentions and New Pathways: A conversation with Benjamin Reisterer

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In our ever increasingly more technology-driven world, it is becoming even more imperative that we drop down into our physical bodies to understand what we feel and notice how it shows up for us in our bodies.  There is so much information to be had in our sensory and intuitive experiences, if we’ll only take the time to notice it.  And this information can show us not only how we react or respond to others, but also how we can shift cultural paradigms.

So, it is only fitting that this week’s guest, Benjamin Reisterer, created a remarkably simple, convenient smartphone app called MetaFi, which guides users through noticing what emotions they feel, where they physically feel it in the body and the story around the emotions in three quick steps, so that users can begin to notice patterns in their emotions and physical responses and consciously disrupt those patterns with newer, healthier habits.  In our conversation, Benjamin and I talk about how app users can use what they learn to make changes, the neurobiology influencing the relational, and what happens when we shift from an I-It relationship and an I-Thou relationship.

Quoted in the Episode:


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Our human bodies are like antennae or receptors and we can trust the information we’re getting from it.  - Benjamin Reisterer


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A shift is coming for all of us to start tuning into these deeper places and having these deeper, more sensory-based or more knowing-based conversations.  - Rebecca Wong


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Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and we’re getting much more into a digital world now.  And as we’re doing that, we’re starting to recognize that we need to be grounded much more on the physical and in the real world.  - Benjamin Reisterer


Resources Referenced in this Episode:

Why Therapy Works by Louis Cozolino

The Healing Power of Emotion: Affective Neuroscience, Development & Clinical Practice by Diana Fosha PhD,‎ Daniel J. Siegel M.D., and‎ Marion Solomon Ph.D.

The Transforming Power of Affect: A Model for Accelerated Change by Diana Fosha PhD 

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

I and Thou by Martin Buber


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MetaFi.me and MindfulCounselingGR.com

Facebook: MetaFi and MindfulCounselingGR

Instagram: MetaFi and MindfulCounselingGR


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