Ep7: On Staying Sane & Awake in a Crazy World: a conversation with Sharon Rosen


The noise of the media and the noise in our own minds - how do we stay sane when there is no “off” button? Mindfulness teacher, Kabbalistic healer, and author Sharon Rosen helps us think about essential goodness, discernment, and integration in this age of distraction.

What if distractions are the opportunity to strengthen the muscles of our attention? Painful moments can become moments of awakening that remind us to tune into our humanity.

We talk about the reality of our online lives and how to nurture and build relationships in real life and in digital spaces. Often, it’s about coming back to “the basics” - which is hard because humans are natural “complexifiers.”

Sharon shares her own stories of how her tribal and familial legacy might have set her up for a lifetime of anxiety. Instead, she chose the path of healing and self growth that led her to become a wellness practitioner, spiritual healer, and mindfulness teacher.

The Mystery plays a keys part in Sharon’s life and approach to healing. The greatest power comes from the “don’t know” mind.  Integrating many wisdom traditions in her work, Sharon also shares with us a Zen teaching story and a lovingkindness meditation.

In this wide-ranging conversation that pulls in the wisdom of Victor Frankl, St. Augustine. and the Facebook feed, we have a chance to connect like old friends reminding one another “don’t forget to remember that you know what you know.”

Learn more about Sharon’s Hudson Valley based healing practice and how you can experience her Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing work via phone. You can also find her book  Crazy World, Peaceful Heart at http://www.heartofselfcare.com/