Ep6: The Resistance & The Princess-Rebel Role Model


Did you see the signs from the Women’s Marches featuring Princess Leia and “A woman’s place is in the Resistance?” Carrie Fisher’s character was part of childhood for so many us and now, she’s part of our politics and our identity.

Leia wasn’t just a princess. She was also a hero. Her multifaceted identity speaks right to our desire to save others and even as we want to be saved. We have permission to be both and we have permission to be walking contradictions. We have permission to be both loving mothers and “nasty women.”

This conversation between Marisa and Rebecca dives into human development and how this parallels recent developments in the US. We call on everyone from Ani Difranco to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Martin Luther King to John Lewis to help us understand our desire to resist and be part of the impassioned, nonviolent resistance.