Episode 11: Sacred Rebellion: A Conversation with Amy Tatsumi


Amy Tatsumi conjures up sacred rebellion, sacred leadership, and sacred unions. This conversation creates a container that enables us to explore our responses to current political events, connect to embodied wisdom, and play with the dance of the masculine and feminine.

Amy gathers women together for their sacred work. She is a portal for them to remember who they are and who they have always been. Her own path of awakening includes Qoya and Tantra, both of which she describes in depth during the episode.

There’s so much to explore in the interplay between the sacred masculine and divine feminine. Amy sheds some light on the “diminished masculine” and describes it as walking through the shadow of shame and hustling for worthiness the swampland of the soul. (Yeah. Wow.)

And then there’s the vision of the wolf. Amy shares with us the messenger who and gave her an understanding of the divine masculine that helped her understand she herself had been in the living through the diminished masculine. Once she experienced this opening, she understood how to access the divine feminine within.

Moving out of fear and into sacred rebellion relies on embodied practices including Qoya, a movement practice that combines free movement, sensual movement, and dancing your yoga as prayer. “Through movement,” says Amy, “we women remember we are wise, wild, and free.”

There’s also Tantra, which Amy describes not as a sexual practice, but a way to “become your own source for Source.” It’s her hope that women wake up through Qoya, and use tantric practices to become unblocked so they can become sacred rebels. These practices create sacred union, combining sacred feminine and masculine.

More about Amy:

Amy Tatsumi is a healer, teacher, and guide and has worked with over 10,000 clients during the past 15 years. She blends her experience as an art psychotherapist, The Daring Way Consultant, Qoya teacher, tantric coach, and retreat guide to support women in knowing, trusting and growing their gifts in their life, work, and relationships. In 2017, Amy is gathering women in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mount Shasta, California, and Aso, Japan for sacred retreats.

Learn more about her retreats at http://www.amytatsumi.com/retreats/ and her Washington DC based private practice: http://yoursoultherapy.com/