Episode 31: Messy, Mindful & Present Parenting: A Conversation with Carla Naumburg

Parents, caregivers, and guardians: Have you taken a moment to be present with your kids today? Do you find yourself worn out, or feeling raw and strung out? Truth is that we are all muddling through his messy soup of life together, and as parents ourselves, we wanted to bring to you a guest who can speak kindness and healing to your energy struggles.

This week, we sit down with Carla Naumburg, author, social worker, and mother, who has a practice of mindfulness that transformed her parenting. Carla describes her own triumphs and pitfalls as she muddles through motherhood. Her pursuit to live a present and mindful life for her daughters is truly inspiring.

Carla teaches us that you have no need to feel guilt over past mistakes, or fear for the ones you will make in the future. Here is a space to explore your needs as well as the needs of your kids, and heal together as a supportive community. For mindfulness tips, and more, you’ll want to listen to this week’s Practice of Being Seen Podcast.

  • Carla is a social worker, practitioner of mindfulness, and a supporter of parents.

  • A move to mindfulness inspired her own parenting struggles.

  • How to set our children up to learn about themselves from our responses.

  • Learn the things that make “your button” less sensitive.

  • Teaching roles within a family unit.

  • Parenting habits set the stage for relationships in the future.

  • How to get un-stuck from the cycles and patterns through curiosity.

  • Tips and tools for better sleep.

  • Carla’s lessons learned in her mindfulness journey.

Be sure to check out Carla’s books:

Ready, Set, Breathe

Parenting in the Present Moment

Carla's Website


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