It's time you believe in yourself and integrate your personal and professional visions.

In the fertile, uncomfortable in-between spaces, lies your power and wisdom to unblock the greatest of possibilities — and call your ambitious dreams and audacious goals into being. 

Your ongoing growth and satisfaction rely on integration.

If you're anything like me and my clients, you have vast visions for your life and livelihood. 

You're an instigator of transformation, a bit of a rebel and a idealist. 

Your visions includes deeply restorative ripples of change, both for you and those touched by your life and work. 

Yet your head is filled with all of the practical things you think you “should” do — tons of doubts that don’t even really belong to you. Big dreams struggle to find space in your whirling mind. Time to get out of your own way and stop playing small.

Fear manifests as not enoughness, imposter syndrome, and everyday distractions. It creates roadblocks and holding patterns of inaction, overwork or disconnection. 

Imagine what you could accomplish if fear shifted into a guide that supports you in slowing down, tending to the relationships that support you and trusting intuition to get you unstuck, 

Integration is a long game, not a short one.

Simply put, you need permission to finally

It's ironic that it takes this bold step into your professional growth to highlight this uncomfortable personal growth edge. 

Truth is it's much like the rest of your life. It's in these moments of repeatedly coming back to what is most important to you (and also to your clients) you refine and grow your own confidence and trust your voice.

It starts with noticing the discomfort. It takes mindfulness. It takes small repeated steps and lots and lots of refocusing.

I’ll help you see yourself.

We'll start by simplifying. We’ll strip away the noise and the beliefs that don’t really belong to you so you can access the knowing that’s already in your bones but you've been too afraid to own. We'll dig deep, uncover your innate gifts, really get to know your why, and deepen your belief in yourself.

It takes grit and perseverance to trust your intuitive guidance. Even more so when your knowings flow against societal teachings. And that's also exactly why now is the time for you to dig in. 

We'll pay attention to what it means to see and share who you are. Along the way, I'll provide step by step practical insights that help you get the work done AND help you focus on what matters in the midst of the doing.

This is “rapid, dig down deep, sit with what makes you feel paralyzed and vulnerable in your work” kind of work. It's not therapy, and yet it is focused on YOU. I’m here to help you become more mindful of your evolution, and we’ll even speed it up a bit.


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