a six-month group for therapists in private practice

Are you writing a book, launching a podcast or e-course, leading retreats, starting a movement... putting yourself yourself out there to be seen in bigger ways?

Is there a message you're passionate about sharing with the world? Do you wonder how all the pieces can merge together to cultivate the life and livelihood you envision without getting in the way of one another?

I'm calling together an integrative mastermind of therapists who are ready to release blockages, cultivate your vision and tend to your-self and the relationships that support you.

As with all Connectfulness® programs, our goal is a deep integration between the personal and professional aspects of you. This mastermind group will call on collective peer group wisdom along with Rebecca Wong's intuitive guidance and facilitation. We'll create a peer-led forum for accountability and deeper dives to help you sustain your manifestions. And Rebecca will guide to the group in deepening into the feeling and sense of TRIBE that so many visionary therapists express wanting more of.

How does a this work? We officially begin June 11th. We meet online, over zoom, the 2nd Monday of the month from 12:30-2pm EST for 6-months, through November 12th, 2018. The group will not exceed 8 members and spots are already be scooped up. I'm personally interviewing every applicant to ensure right fit. This is not therapy or coaching: it's peer-to-peer mentoring leading to marked changes in your life, relationships and business.

Who makes up this mastermind? Up to 8 therapists in private practice from around the globe, all of whom will have been vetted by Rebecca. The therapists joining our group are powerful instigators of change, rebels and dreamers. Healers who need a little nudge to believe in their innate wisdom and a community to remind them of their greatness when they stumble. 

What differentiates this mastermind from others? Our singular focus is on integration. You're one being, made up of both professional and personal parts. The goal is to help you to thrive in all aspects of your life, relationships and livelihood. We don't focus on one aspect of you because all of these layers of you play together to either elevate you to the next level or hold you stuck in a loop of overwhelm and inaction.  

You're likely already be familiar with the process: the dance between visioning into the seeds you're cultivating and discerning what fits in your life. Your journey deepens by growing comfortable in that messy middle space: sitting with your inner knowings, taking inspired action and polishing the healing message that ripples out from you into all you do. 

You know, often it's the wounds you've tended to and nurtured within yourself that you're now uniquely positioned to heal in others and the message that others connect with, that's the integration process. That's where you digest and make it yours, in the leadership role, in sharing your knowledge.


I'm your guide, Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R, relationship therapist, mentor and consultant to kickass therapists and change-makers, and host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast. I live in New York’s Hudson Valley with my husband, our two daughters and 3 four-legged-furry-mischief-makers. 

The therapists I work with are ready to get out of their own way, cultivate a life and livelihood filled with meaningful work, connectful relationships and vast visions.

Imagine what you'll accomplish when your fears, anxieties, and shame stories shift into guides supporting you to slow down, tend to the relationships that nurture you and trust intuition to get you unstuck, For you to find ease and flow in your life, dreams, relationships and livelihood, you need to integrate these messages. 

This integrative mastermind group is about giving yourself permission to deepen into what you already know, and be supported in believing it by your peers. 

Are you joining us?


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Pay In Full $700

one time fee for 6-month mastermind

Monthly Subscription $125

per month for 6 month mastermind


"With the support of Rebecca's mentorship and the presence of the other group members, I was able to practice doing life differently, balancing the personal and professional in a way that felt more grounded and true. I want more of that. I need to keep practicing!" - Emily Clark

"I gained more than I had imagined. Such as insight into unconscious areas of my life that parallelled my fears of being seen, the ability to work through these fears by embracing many parts of myself both personally and professionally and integrating how I use these insights into how I show up as a clinician." - Adavelyn Rivera