designed for therapists and healers to cultivate an intimate practice that integrates your vision and day to day reality

You know you're meant to make an impact in the world.

Yet you're held back by old beliefs that aren’t serving you. Beliefs that tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you "should" do more, know more, be more...all those reasons you can’t take that next step.

You sense now is the time for you to get out of your own way.  But you also know that doing that on your own will be a challenge.  

You need a different kind of nurturing. A business model that sustains you. A community in which you can combat the isolation of private practice. An opportunity to dive deep and gain insight into how your personal story weaves into your professional visions.

I know, because I've been journeying towards that deeper integration too. 

And so have the dozens of colleagues I've mentored over the years; in past online therapists forums I've hosted, consulted with privately, held space for on retreats. Add to that, all the deep conversations colleagues have shared with me on the Practice Of Being Seen Podcast.

It's these rich explorations, deep dives, and discoveries that I have been curating over time, that I am finally ready to share with you. 

Introducing the Connectfulness® Method Mentorship Program

  • You'll learn how to weave your story into your work.
  • You'll make space for your creativity.

  • You'll commit to your inner knowing and to illuminate your shadows.

  • You'll have permission to launch.

Imagine how liberating it could be to finally put action behind your visions. To create the offerings, give the talks, write the book, develop the program, and host the event… finally dive wholeheartedly into the work your soul is being called to. And in doing so, experience more alignment and integration between your professional identity and the rest of your life.

It's your time to take bold action, 
the life & practice you dream of.


Wouldn't you love to lean fully into the life that you’ve imagined?

Wouldn't you love to rest more and hustle less?

Wouldn't you love to believe that you are good enough?

Wouldn't you love to trust your intuition will guide your way?

This is your chance to dive in and shine a light on both your dreams and your blockages to deepen your practice along with the power of a small, intimate community of peers who will not only hold space, but also hold you accountable

Cultivating a vision you can truly sustain is a long game, not a short one.  


That’s why this program lasts 22 weeks and includes both group coaching and private one-on-one video sessions, live presentations, writing prompts and worksheets, a private forum (NOT on Facebook), and an in-person 2-day retreat at Menla Mountain Resort. Yes, this program INCLUDES an in-person retreat.

At the end of this program, you will be doing more of what you love with a deep sense of trust that you are good enough because you’ve had the time to form new habits and move past blockages with the right kind of support along the way. And when that "I'm a fraud" voice shows up, you'll recognize it as a tool for forward movement, rather than an obstacle that holds you stuck.

In this program, we’re unblocking and letting go of the complications that keep you playing small so that you can make space for the big dreams that you hold and want to make a reality.  

You'll discover how to embrace every aspect of YOUR humanity, the marvelous, the messy and the Healer.

Connectfulness® Method Mentor, Rebecca Wong

Rebecca POBS.jpg

Rebecca is a relationship therapist, consultant, and host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast. She believes that when you truly see yourself, you create the ripple that allows you to be the change you wish to see in the world - and that invites everyone around you to do the same. 

"Rebecca helped me connect with myself, my story and my roadblocks in ways that I have never experienced before and in ways that have not only transformed the way I show up for my clients, but the way I show up for myself."
"Rebecca has helped me merge my personal healing story with my business success story to get me to show up more authentically for myself, my clients, and my business. She's an investment I encourage all my fellow healers to give to themselves when they're ready to step into authentically showing up and being seen for all your amazingness without having to leave any pieces of you behind to do so!"

Because I believe in the importance of real life gatherings I've designed this program to culminate in an in-person retreat at one of my favorite retreat centers.

Menla 2017 Revision Retreat

We're holding this 2-day retreat at Menla Mountain Retreat, a 375 acre nature preserve in the breathtaking Catskill Mountains. Menla (which translates to Medicine Buddha) is a special destination. It is a resort and spa that carries on thousand year old Tibetan healing traditions. A premier spa-retreat destination operated by Tibet House US, this beautiful property has hosted the Dalai Llama.

Two nights of accommodations and 3 meals a day beginning with dinner Friday April 27th, 2018 through lunch Sunday, April 29th, 2018 are included in the cost of this program. You can upgrade your accommodations as long as space is available.

You are responsible for your travel to Menla Mountain Resort. Spa treatments can also be booked during your stay through Menla's Spa.



who this program is for…

This program was specifically designed with psychotherapists and counselors in private practice in mind and is open to healers of other disciplines as well. We do expect a certain comfort level with introspective deep dives, a familiarity with the intimacies of the therapeutic process, and a readiness to explore the work you’re yearning to put into the world.

You may be taking the leap into private practice, working on a book that’s going to require you to show up and market yourself in a new way, or contemplating adding new streams of income to supplement the one-on-one work with clients. This program gives you permission to take the needed time and space to nurture and grow those big ideas. We’re going to plant seeds and we’re going to make stuff happen!



This is a 22 week online program beginning November 27th 2017 and culminating with an all inclusive in-person retreat from April 27th - 29th, 2018.

We're beginning at the end of 2017, between holidays, because we want to hold space together to vision into 2018. Our scheduled sessions leave ample space for all of your holiday happenings.


the cost...

// choose between a single payment of $1998 or 6 monthly payments of $333 //


the online portion of this program includes...

Two 1:1 private consult sessions with Rebecca to get to the heart of the obstacles and uncover what's holding you back.

Seven live presentation/discussion sessions. In these online sessions we'll dive deeply into themes such as healthy boundary setting, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and more. As a participant in our inaugural mentorship program, you'll help to curate the themes we address.

Seven small group online sessions (no more than 6 participants at a time) to address your obstacles and create movement. In these small group sessions we'll examine the most pressing issues that are coming up for you.

+ our in person 2-day retreat at Menla Mountain Resort. 

+ more.



sessions will be recorded…

All of our sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our online classroom space.

You'll have the option of recording your 1:1 sessions if you choose.


why the small group sessions...

These are opportunities to meet with Rebecca for more individualized attention, within the small group format so that you can learn beside one another, in the powerful context of community. Each session will include an opportunity for members to receive a live, 20-min, individualized deep dive with Rebecca followed by group feedback.


are there dedicated online spaces?

Yes. But NOT on Facebook. We'll use our online classroom space to host our recorded calls, special video conversations, private forums, writing prompts and worksheets -- you'll help us develop this space as we grow. We'll also explore using a few other technologies that keep our conversations flowing and in the palm of your hand without distracting newsfeeds. 


how many...

We’re mindful about maintaining a small cohesive community of participants, therefore we are only opening this program to a handful of participants.



If we haven’t already worked together, Rebecca will be contacting you upon payment to ensure fit. If we determine together that you aren’t a fit for the program at this time a refund will be issued.


our refund policy...

Your purchase is non-refundable. That said, we get that sometimes life happens. If you find yourself in a position of being unable to participate contact us at practiceofbeingseen@gmail.com.


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