(Re)Vision: Explore Your Stories, Shape Your Future: A Practice of Being Seen Retreat for Therapists


In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision. 
-Dalai Lama

This August 13-16th, we are honored to host (Re)Vision: Explore Your Stories, Shape Your Future at Menla, located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Menla (which translates to Medicine Buddha) is a special destination. It is a resort and spa that carries on thousand year old Tibetan healing traditions. In fact, when his Holiness the Dalai Llama visits the United States, he frequently stays at Menla.  

(Re)Vision is an investment both in your business and also in yourself. It is a chance to deepen your practice, learn new skills, root into nature and spirit, and make time for some radical self-care.

To Join us for this unique experience at Menla, click HERE

A CHANCE TO PAUSE, root into nature, and look within. This experiential retreat is for psychotherapists and private practice counselors who identify as healers. 

Space is limited to 8 guests. Register early!

Your investment includes tuition, accommodations, three meals a day, a one-year membership in our Membership Community for Therapists, and a pre-retreat consult with both Rebecca + Marisa. Plus, you will receive a free 60-minute spa treatment at Menla’s Great Bliss Spa.

Deluxe Queen – $1324.00

Bring Your Partner Along/ Couples Rate – $1,603.00

Share Room/Bath – $979.00

Tent Cabin Single – $964.00

Commuter – $859.00

You’ve got a theory, a venture, an offering, but the world doesn’t know about it yet.

It comes from the essence of who you are and you know it will speak the heart of the people you long to serve.

And yet... It feels too intimate. Too messy. Too hard to put into words.

You can sense it there, dancing on the edges of your vision, but you aren’t sure how to birth or hold your dream on your own.

Then you remember: just about everything worth creating is worth creating with support.

It’s ok that your project is still in process. Let’s hold your process together.

You spend most days wishing you could work on “that thing” but also feeling a little grateful for the everyday distractions that keep you from diving in and turning dreams into tangible reality.

But still... This project won’t leave you alone. There’s the glimmer that catches the corner of your eye and reminds you that there’s something more you’re meant to do.

We’ve felt that lingering presence. We’ve seen that glimmer. We’ve seen it in ourselves and we’ve seen it in brilliant therapist-healers like you who have so much to offer but just haven’t found the chance to manifest the fullness of their vision.

It’s time to tune in and create the space that will enable your project and your passion come to life.


How do you span the divide between hoping and doing, between dream and reality, between wounded and healed?  You pause. You root into nature, into Spirit, into your body, into your history, and into what you know about the people you are here to help.

When you see yourself clearly, you’re able to bring your vision into focus and you’re able to manifest the next big project or next big growth phase for your practice.

August 13 - 16 | Menla Mountain Retreat in the Catskill Mountains | Phoenicia, NY

Space is limited to 8 guests. Register early!

Your investment includes tuition, accommodations, three meals a day, a one-year membership in our Membership Community for Therapists, and a pre-retreat consult with both Rebecca + Marisa. Plus, you will receive a free 60-minute spa treatment at Menla’s Great Bliss Spa.

Deluxe Queen – $1324.00

Bring Your Partner Along/ Couples Rate – $1,603.00

Share Room/Bath – $979.00

Tent Cabin Single – $964.00

Commuter – $859.00

(Re)Vision: Explore Your Stories, Create Your Future: A Practice of Being Seen Retreat for Therapists 

INVITES YOU TO LOOK WITHIN - to really look within. This is your chance to discover the wisdom within your own body, the power within your mind, and the potential that dances in your soul.  

This is an experiential retreat for psychotherapists and counselors in private practice who know themselves to be healers. Expect to speak and listen with your whole body. Expect to tune into the vibrations of the earth and your own being.  Over three days and nights, you’ll find inspiration in the beauty of the mountains, the sacred spaces of the Menla Retreat, and in the contributions of those who’ll gather together.

Through individual introspection, collective reflection, and focused “let’s manifest this” time, you’ll integrate body, mind, and spirit and begin to take practical steps that will bring your vision into reality.

During this retreat, you will...

  • Discover both the Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey and how, as a healer, you are both the bold being who journeys and the wise guide who holds.

  • Learn how to draw on the wisdom of the Earth and your own body in order to root into your creativity and manifest your vision. Expect spiritual insights that help you get very practical things done.

  • Tap into your own inner powers of discernment so you can keep checking in with yourself to ensure you’re on the right path and expending your energy in the right way.

  • Use writing practice as a primary discovery tool. The pages you write and your own ongoing process will be your source of support as you birth and hold this project of yours.

  • See yourself and see your practice, your clients, and your dreams. Understand the relationships and the spaces between them so you can root into your truth and make great things happen.

  • Explore your own stories, your accomplishments, and your wounds in order to understand how they will help you create something new, unique, and necessary in our beautiful, changing, aching world.

This retreat is a chance to deepen your practice, build your business, and make time for some radical self care.

- Menla Mountain Retreat is a 375 acre nature preserve in the breathtaking Catskill Mountains. A premier spa-retreat destination operated by Tibet House US, this beautiful property has hosted the Dalai Llama (in fact, he stayed at Snow Lion Lodge which will be "home base" for our retreat).

- A 60-minute spa service is included. Book an appointment for yourself when you contact Menla Mountain Retreat to hold your spot and choose your lodging.

- All meals and lodging are included.

- One-year-membership to our Membership Community For Therapists is included.

- Pre-retreat consults with both Rebecca + Marisa are also included.

Your guides...


Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R is a relationship therapist and consultant. She’s also the creator of Connectfulness, a research-based practice that encourages you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity – including everything that’s marvelous and all that’s messy.

Rebecca takes you on a deep dive into that middle place between the personal and the professional, between the places you explore in therapy and the work you do in coaching. When you explore this fertile in-between space, you can make great things happen. When you truly see yourself, you create the ripple that allow you to be the change you wish to see in the world - and that invites everyone around you to do the same.


Marisa Goudy, MA is a magic maker, word crafter, and story healer who helps therapists, healers, and emerging thought leaders tell their stories and shape meaningful messages.

What stories are trying to come through you? What is it you’re here to tell the world? Through journeys into myth and fairytale, energy healing practices, and journaling sessions, Marisa will help you connect with your Sovereign Story. Her copywriting, online marketing, and website development experience help you merge the visionary and the magical with the profitable and the practical.  

Together, Marisa and Rebecca co-host the Practice Of Being Seen podcast and co-facilitate the virtual Practice of Being Seen membership community for therapists They combine their skills and insights to offer consultation packages to therapists and healers who are ready to root into their vision and their message and share it with the people who need their unique medicine.

We know you're wondering

Have a listen to this recent episode of the POBScast in which Rebecca + Marisa dive deep into the (Re)Vision Retreat for Therapist-Healers. We talk about the evolution of an idea and how it moves from being something you dream about into something you can describe and then birth into the world. You’re called to envision the inspirational space that is Menla Mountain Retreat - the mountains and the compassionate energy of the valley and the deep peace that runs through the land. This place is a living invitation to root into spirit and self and manifest something that will shift the world.

Who is this retreat experience for?

Psychotherapists and counselors in private practice who know themselves to be healers who are ready for a deep dive into the work they’re yearning to put into the world.

You dive deep not just for the sake of your business, but because manifesting this project with bring a sense of personal wholeness. Participants are ready to slow down look within and also observe their surroundings, their relationships, and the culture that holds us all.

You may be taking the leap into private practice, working on a book that’s going to require you to show up and market yourself in a new way, or contemplating adding new streams of income to supplement the one-on-one work with clients.

This retreat gives you  permission to take the needed time and space away to nurture and grow those big ideas. We’re gonna plant seeds and we’re going to make stuff happen!

What do I need to bring?

If you’ve been working on “your thing”  for a while, you may have notes or other materials in process - pack them! As a group, we’re going to be focusing on your inner knowing and focusing on the insights that spool forth in the present moment, so bring a blank page and an open mind. Also bring your laptop or whatever devices help you be more productive. We will be unplugged for much of the retreat, but on our last day we will set up a co-working environment.

Bring plenty of comfortable attire that you can move in because there will be dancing, yoga, hiking, sitting on the floor, and receiving bodywork. We ask that you bring an open heart and a desire to connect, restore, and grow.

This retreat starts the day after Mercury goes retrograde. Do Rebecca and Marisa realize that? And if I have no idea what the movement of a planet has to do with the date of a retreat is this still the event for me?

First, yes, we did realize that Mercury begins its 3 ½ week retrograde period on August 12. And we planned our event accordingly. We are calling it (Re)Vision to celebrate the fact that this is the perfect time to look back, to take stock, to soak in your visions, and take a deep breath before the next stage of “doing.”  Whether you put much stock in the effects of a distant planet’s movement or not, this is the perfect activity as we all prepare for the “back to school/back to business” energy of September.

And if you’re someone who barely knows your own star sign, you’ll still feel at home with this group. We don’t expect you to have any knowledge of astrology (we pretty much exhausted ours with the Mercury thing!), but we do ask you to come a desire to use all your senses and open your ways of knowing, not just your logical mind. There will be talk of energy and magic over our long weekend together. Please don’t be surprised if you meet a few writing fairies and spirit guides in the midst of the plans we make for manifesting something marvelous.

How many people will be attending the retreat?

The retreat includes two hosts and 8 participants.

Are meals and lodging included?

Yes! Our hosts, Menla Mountain House, will be taking care of booking everything so you can speak directly to them about specific housing and dietary needs when you reserve your spot.  

How do I get to Menla Mountain Retreat?

For more on how to reach Menla by bus or car, please visit:  http://menla.us/directions/

Is there WiFi and cell coverage?

Yes to WiFi.

NO to cell coverage. There are phones in all rooms, however. We recommend that you print directions to and from Menla if you are planning on driving because you can't rely on your phone's GPS out in the Catskills.

What's the best time to book a spa service?

You'll be asked to scheduled your massage or bodywork session when you book your accommodations (please don't wonder if you "should" -- it's part of the retreat package!). We've set aside time on Monday and Tuesday for you to be pampered. Monday from 3 - 6 PM or Tuesday from 3 - 6 PM are "free" time.

What will our time together look like?

On Sunday, August 13, we’ll gather together at 4 PM (Menla check-in is at 3 PM). We’ll get to know one another before our 6 PM dinner. Afterwards, we’ll gather at 8 PM for a ritual and conversation that will create the container that will hold us through the weekend we’ll share together.  

On Monday, August 14, we’ll begin with breakfast at 8 AM followed by a deep dive writing practice and other exercises that help you tune into those whispers - and the shouts - that echo within. We'll break for lunch at noon. After lunch, we’ll go on a hike to discover what nature has to tell you about the idea you’re trying to birth and hold. And then you are invited to enjoy some downtime in the afternoon between 3-6 PM during with you're invited to gather with Marisa and Rebecca in small groups, receive a spa service, and or do your own thing. After dinner, we'll gather for a private bonfire.

On Tuesday, August 15, we’ll meet at 9am, after sharing breakfast.  Guided visioning and writing sessions will help you begin to craft your ideas into something you can “workshop” with the group. After a delicious lunch, we’ll begin to share our work in progress. This is a chance to simply be witnessed but it’s where you’ll receive compassionate insights and practical suggestions from your hosts and fellow participants. We’ll incorporate a yoga class and a break for spa time in the afternoon.

The morning of Wednesday, August 16 is devoted to recording your visions so that you have a clear plan and container to hold you when you return home. This is when we pull out the laptops and set up for a “co-working” morning before our closing circle. Menla check out is at 1 PM.

Your Investment - includes tuition, accommodations and three meals a day starting with dinner on check-in and ending with lunch at checkout (*up to $329/night), a  60 minute spa treatment at Menla's Great Bliss Spa (*$135) a one-year membership in our Membership Community For Therapists (*$444). And pre-retreat consults with both Rebecca + Marisa (*$350).



  • Deluxe Queen – $1324.00

  • Bring Your Partner Along/ Couples Rate – $1,603.00

  • Share Room/Bath – $979.00

  • Tent Cabin Single – $964.00

  • Commuter – $859.00


When does registration close?

The final deadline to register is July 31st at 11:59pm EST or when 8 spaces fill, whichever comes first. If you are considering joining us we invite you to register as soon as possible to secure your spot.

What is your refund policy?

Your purchase is non-refundable. That said, we get that sometimes life happens. If you find yourself in a position of being unable to attend, you can transfer your enrollment to another person. In order to transfer you must contact us at practiceofbeingseen@gmail.com.

While we have no expectation to cancel this event, we strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance. We are not responsible for any losses or expenses due to delay or changes in schedule or overbooking of accommodations, default of any third parties, sickness, weather, strikes, acts of God, acts of terrorism, force majeure, war, quarantine, criminal activity, or for any other cause beyond its control. In the unlikely event of a retreat cancellation, Organizers shall have no liability beyond the refund of all event participants’ registration fees received by it. The Organizers may decline to accept or to retain any event participant as a participant on the event at any time or remove a participant for behavior deemed, in its sole discretion to be disrespectful, disruptive or hate-driven.

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